In our experience, Microsoft Dynamics 365 is one of the very best and versatile CRM platforms around and as a testimony to this we have developed our BCI Project Leads integration solution entirely on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 xRM framework without any external solution dependencies. Whether you are an existing Dynamics 365 user, or looking at implementing a new CRM solution in your business, this solution should definitely be considered if you are selling into the building and construction market in Australia or New Zealand.

Dynamics 365 natively supports sales processes focused at lead qualification and opportunity management. This perfectly fits in with the nature of the BCI Australia information, which provides you with a constant source of fresh project leads, and the Dynamics 365 solution then guides the behaviour of salespeople based on predefined sales processes in order to best ensure that the lead turns into an actual sale.

This solution is designed to be as simplistic as possible, while providing detailed information about leads and collecting rich information while progressing an opportunity. The information will flow into your Microsoft Dynamics 365 environment overnight, ensuring that you are constantly up to date with current projects and potential new leads.

Imported BCI data is stored in an entity called “project leads”. When clicking on individual leads, you will go to a page which provides detailed information about what products and services are required for the project and who the stakeholders are. Filtered views can be created so salespeople are only looking at leads that are specifically relevant to them. They can be filtered on almost anything, from key words to project stage to publish date. This ensures you are only seeing projects that are relevant to you.

From here salespeople are guided by a business process flow (BPF) to ensure the best chance of winning the deal. The steps in this BPF can be customised to ensure the process is the best fit for your business.

The information collected in this process creates the ability to have detailed, in depth reporting about past projects and what is in the pipeline, to keep track of KPI’s and create visibility throughout the organisation.

For more features and benefits, check out our fact sheet here.

One of our current clients that has adopted this solution is Adbri Masonry. Adbri Masonry is Australia’s largest supplier of masonry products supplying quality concrete bricks, blocks, pavers, retaining walls, erosion control products, architectural masonry solutions and reconstituted stone veneers. We were introduced to Adbri in 2017 to implement this solution and since then it has continued to succeed within their business. Karl Wood, the Marketing Manager describes some of the benefits they’ve experienced since the implementation of our solution:

“Since introducing the BCI information into our Microsoft Dynamics 365 environment and the rollout of our CRM, we have experienced an effective transition from excel sheets, print outs and hand written notes to an organised system of prospects and leads that provides significantly improved forecasting and visibility for management. While this, and the associated reporting is an obvious upside to our sales and finance managers, one of the key benefits achieved is the complete lack of resistance from our field team in converting to the use of a CRM due to the seamless way in which BCI leads are captured within our system. The “one click” benefits that the team can now enjoy have ensured that the things that were simply inefficient when using sheets, emails and paper print outs are now easy (such as loading maps of projects, identifying projects for marketing opportunities, etc.).” 
Karl Wood, Marketing Manager (Adbri Masonry)

Whether you have an existing Dynamics 365 environment, or would like to introduce this solution into your business, we can assist. Being a cloud solution provider, Izee can take care of all the licensing and implementation needs for your business. We are the only provider of an integrated BCI data solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365 and we thrive on providing personalised support. At Izee, we value the relationships with our customers and we aim to provide you with the best customer service possible.

For more information about BCI Australia and our integrated solutions, contact Izee Business Solutions at or go to the BCI Australia website at You can also download the fact sheet here.