If you work in the building and construction industry, whether you’re a subcontractor, designer or a product manufacturer, BCI could be the secret ingredient your business needs to succeed.  

BCI Australia collects building and construction information that provide insights and knowledge into projects going on all over Australia at any given time. They are a part of the BCI Media Group, which is the leading provider of building and construction information across the Asia Pacific region with 23 offices across 10 countries and reporting on construction projects across 13 countries.  

Catering to product manufacturers, builders, subcontractors, design specifiers and professional service firms, BCI will support your business at every step of your sales process. With over one million projects reported on, and one million professional contacts in the business network, BCI is a gold mine of information that could be used to help your business succeed.  

BCI Australia provides detailed information into thousands of projects going on all over Australia. With this information, you will know exactly what is going on in your area, what is involved in the project and who you should be in contact with to get involved. BCI Australia can open many doors and create many business opportunities for you and your business.  

The information you receive can be specifically targeted to what segment you are involved in meaning you don’t have to filter through what is relevant to you and what isn’t. The information can be segmented and filtered according to what you want to see at any specific time.  

Gone are the days of searching for leads and cold calling. Now you have access to thousands of business opportunities, with the information required to easily sell your product or service into the project.   

BCI Australia data can be used in different ways. It is a matter of figuring out what suits your business needs: 

Raw information: Some businesses may feel that the best way to use this data is to print the information and give salespeople paper leads to follow up on. 

LOB Integration: Other businesses may want to integrate this data into a line of business (LOB) application that is currently being used within the business, e.g. a proprietary sales management application or a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application like Microsoft Dynamics 365. 

Microsoft Dynamics 365 integration: When natively integrating the BCI Australia project lead data into either an existing or a new Microsoft Dynamics 365 environment, it allows businesses to seamlessly manage their sales pipeline end-to-end from initial project leads to delivered products and services. All project stakeholders are uniquely identifiable, which allows for consistent KPI reporting over time as well as detailed contact and territory management capability. 


For more information about BCI Australia and our integrated solutions, contact Izee Business Solutions at info@izee.com.au or go to the BCI Australia website at www.bciaustralia.com/