Empower your business

Cloud computing empowers businesses with more choice in regard to how they consume software. Using software hosted in the cloud rather than on-premises can deliver significant business advantages. At Izee we encourage our customers to move to the Cloud and benefit from the synergies between individual online services designed to interact seamlessly as part of the same eco-system and technology platform.

Building & Construction

Empower your sales team with BCI API integration to Microsoft Dynamics 365 or Microsoft SQL Server by harnessing BCI’s market-leading construction information database, which reports on over 2,000 construction projects across Australasia each week.

Having direct access to thousands of project leads in the context of your own business apps and existing customer data, provides businesses with a tremendous competitive advantage allowing them to act on new opportunities much faster and consistently than otherwise possible.

Key benefits include:

  • Avoid manual data entry and save time.
  • Receive project lead and stakeholder updates directly into your own line of business (LOB) applications.
  • Model and analyse large data volumes in ways which are meaningful to your specific business requirements.
  • Manage your sales pipeline across multiple project stakeholders with project-to-opportunity conversion and automatic opportunity duplication checking.
  • Visualise and aggregate building & construction data to drive insights and identify new market opportunities.
  • Use geo-location heatmaps to segment and estimate market potential for territories, industry categories, etc.

Capital Equipment

Our CRM solution for equipment dealers, device manufacturers, service providers, and rental companies is focused at empowering your sales and customer service functions with complete visibility of all customer facing processes and activities relating to selling and hiring of capital equipment, devices, and associated services.

Based on best-of-class Microsoft Dynamics 365, it offers a rich feature-set supporting the unique requirements of the equipment industry within the key functional areas of Equipment Sales, Aftermarket Support, and Rental. A significant business benefit of our solution is, that it is a shift away from the transactional approach to how line of business applications traditionally work, and a move towards a process centric user-experience.

Key features include:

  • Equipment tracking and management for serialised equipment and devices.
  • Project lead integration to BCI Australia’s market-leading construction information database.
  • Elaborate sales pipeline management from project lead thru to confirmed order.
  • Quotation management and quote-to-order functionality.
  • Print to email functionality for consistent and seamless proposal generation.
  • Case management and customer care functionality.
  • Call planning and appointment auto-scheduling functionality based on account visit frequency and preferred weekday of visit.
  • Territory management functionality automatically assigning correct team members based on location, type, or any other customer criteria.
  • Key account planning and KPI reporting functionality.
  • Revenue & KPI rollup for key entities like accounts, projects & opportunities.
  • External sales statistics import for detailed sales analysis within CRM.

Customer Engagement

A key element of building long-standing and profitable relationships with your customers is a good understanding of their unique preferences and historical interactions with your business.

By implementing a CRM solution you are able to share a single view of your customers across your entire organisation allowing your team members to be fully informed about customers’ unique preferences, previous transactions, overall value to your business, and new opportunities worth pursuing.

Marketing Automation

Email Marketing and Marketing Automation are truly powerful tools when coupled with customer insights and behavioural data from your CRM solution.

By integrating your Marketing Automation and CRM solutions, you are able to refine your campaign segmentation and build behavioural customer profiles, which allow you to execute nurture campaigns and reach your audience at the exact right moment in time.

Productivity & Collaboration

Equipping people with collaborative tools that are easy to use, easy to access, and work well together drives their productivity:

  • Access to e-mail, documents, contacts, and calendars on almost any device at anytime from anywhere where there is internet connection
  • Create, collaborate, and share large, hard-to-e-mail files in a password-protected portal with team members within or outside your organisation
  • Connect with colleagues, partners, and customers with messaging

Cloud Computing

By adopting Cloud enabled services you can ensure your business apps can communicate with ease and business processes can work across the different functional areas within your organisation.

Use Cloud services like Microsoft Flow and PowerApps to automate your workflows or host your business data and custom apps in Azure for easy and secure access regardless where your team members are located.